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Established in 2003, iMandarin is a Chinese language school, a sub branch of the NEWORLD EDU GROUP. This education created iMandarin for people who love to learn Mandarin and spread the Han Culture to all corners of the globe. iMandarin provides customized Mandarin training plans, language training and elite training to individuals and International enterprises.

With over 15 years Mandarin training experience with the powerful backing of NEWORLD EDU GROUP, iMandarin has become one of the professional and Mandarin training brands in China. iMandarin is the training school in China accredited, an international association of providers of language courses and services, which aim to promote service within the language training field.

Now iMandarin have centers located all across China. Situated in class office buildings with a Chinese decor, you will be immersed in a full Mandarin speaking and Chinese culture environment. iMandarin has served over 8,000 managers from Fortune 500 Companies and it has attracted individual clients who love learning Mandarin from all over the world with its professional and expert training programs. iMandarin has been awarded Mandarin School in Shanghai by Chinese media websites That’s Shanghai, City Weekend and China Daily.

Besides our main Mandarin language programs, currently iMandarin has developed sub project brands like iVee English and iFamily. With iMandarin’s new strategic developmental future plan, we are going to integrate our brands, to develop more brands which could suit clients of all ages and needs. iMandarin is looking forward to becoming the standard in language training.

Oral instruction employs a four-pronged approach that focuses on voice, words, sentences and paragraphs to enable students to utilize their multi-level, comprehensive learning experience.

Mr. Lu Bisong has pointed out that classroom teaching is to help students learn “locational” communication, i.e. not only to impart the knowledge of language teachers as it applies to a classroom but, more importantly, to organize and guide the students to learn Chinese language as it applies to practical, real-world settings.

Voice teaching:

In vocal instruction and practice, instructors make full use of language chart demonstration, repetition, and voice pattern dictation. Instructors utilize solo chorus and “say, read, and practice” methodology. iMandarin teachers also use hints, gestures, and posture demonstration to help students correct their pronunciation without creating a “crutch” for said students to lean on in the classroom.

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How will I know my Chinese level?

Before joining our classes or beginning Private Tutoring lessons, iMandarin will give you a assessment consisting of a written exam and an oral test. Based on this assessment, you will be placed into a class whose level is the appropriate for you.

Where can I have lessons?

All over China. We have schools located in Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Qingdao. We also arrange private lessons and/or corporate Mandarin training in all major cities across China.

Which type of visa should I apply for?

We recommend you apply for the “L visa” (tourist visa) if you are staying for less than 3 months, or the “F visa” (business visa) if you plan to stay for longer than 3 months.

Where can I live while studying?

iMandarin can arrange living accommodation to make your experience here as comfortable as possible. You can choose from a few different types of accommodation that are within walking distance from the school. Our popular option is “Homestay”, where you live together with a host family. You can also choose to share an apartment and live together with other students or alternatively stay privately in a studio apartment, hotel, or hostel.

Besides taking Mandarin lessons, what else can I do?

iMandarin is dedicated to taking you out of the classroom and showing you the real China. We offer a number of extracurricular excursions and our experienced coordinators are looking forward to giving you a insight into Chinese culture. You can also learn to make dumplings, practice tai-chi or calligraphy, partake in a tea ceremony or take part in any of the other myriad of activities that we regularly organize.

How can I pay for my program?

If you live outside of China, you may pay by bank transfer or Paypal. If you live in China, you may come to our school and pay by cash or credit card.

Where do iMandarin students hail from?

We instruct students from over 70 different countries coming from all around the world. It’s not unusual to meet other students from North America, Europe, Australia, and South America. We also get students from the other continents (excluding Antarctica).

What age are your students?

Students of all ages have studied at iMandarin- we’ve had everything ranging from 4 to 68 years old! Most of our students average between 14 and 32 years old, however.

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A. Principles

iMandarin (iM) operates under a set of principles to ensure that iM has a good internal complaints handling process. These principles are that the policy and process should be accessible, fair, flexible, confidential, clear, and timely.

Complaints that arise through this process will be monitored and there will be mechanisms in place to apply any lessons that have been learnt from the complaint.

The staff dealing with the complaints process will have the necessary authority and management support to carry out the process effectively. The people involved in responding to, investigating or adjudicating upon complaints or appeals must do so impartially, and must not act in any manner in which they have a material interest or in which there may be any potential conflict of interest.

It is essential that complainants recognize that the system is fair and impartial. Students making complaints will not be disadvantaged in their program of study, through lodging a complaint in good faith, regardless of the outcome of the complaint.

B. Scope and Definitions

A “complaint” is defined as any specific concern you have about the provision of your program of study or related service. This procedure applies to

complaints from iM registered students.

complaints related to iM faculty and tuition provided

complaints related to accommodation provided by iM

complaints related to any other service provided by iM This procedure doesn’t apply t complaints from staff.

Students should lodge their complaint in writing within five working days of the incident complained of, or the matter may not be heard unless the student is able to demonstrate extenuating circumstances.

C. Informal Stage

Complaints should be raised firstly with those directly involved, which will mean that these discussions happen at the centre where the student is learning. This means, that any complaints should first be taken up with the student’s Course Consultant. Such action can often result in a speedy resolution of the matter without the need for formal proceedings. Students are encouraged to use these options. Only if complaints are not satisfactorily resolved at the informal stage should they proceed to the formal stages.

D. Formal Stage

All complaints that proceed to the formal stage, and beyond, will be dealt with on the basis of written submissions. All complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt and complainants advised as to how their complaint will be handled and by whom. Complaints are usually resolved as close to source as possible, therefore there will be a presumption towards resolving complaints at a local level. In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate to resolve complaints by speaking directly or by telephone with the complainant. In such instances a written record of the conversation will be kept and the outcome confirmed to the complainant in writing within two working days of that conversation.

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