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Terms of Service

A. For Courses

B. For Airport Pick-up & Accommodation

C. For Conditions and Regulations of Refund

Course Refund Policy

Airport Pick-up & Accommodation Refund

D. Unusual Circumstance

If student’s program is disrupted by an unforeseen event, iMandarin will arrange rest of the courses to accommodate the situations. If student’s program is disrupted by himself/herself, iMandarin will keep his/her status as iMandarin’s student for one year. During this period, student can use rest of the course hours, but should bear all extra fees. In neither case above, refund is allowed.

E. Rights & Obligation

iMandarin has the rights to require the student to obey Chinese law and rules, school’s rules and regulations. By agreeing these terms and conditions you agree that we may take photos and videos without interrupting classes and activities and use your personal information (such as name, nationality, hobby, etc.) for propaganda and teaching. iMandarin has the obligation to properly accept students’ suggestions and solve their problems to provide environment. Students have the rights to raise actual problems among teachers and staff, to ask school to settle properly. Students have the obligation to obey Chinese law and rules, school’s rules and regulations, and cooperate to do surveys.

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