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Outer–city Travel – iTravel

Outer–city Travel – iTravel

Every Saturday iMandarin organizes a day trip for our students to various locations of interest outside of but still near the city where you are studying. These trips are cheap, fun, and a fantastic way to do some sight-seeing (and practice the language) while you're in China!

iMandarin provides opportunities for our students to visit various popular landmarks and tourist destinations in the city where you are studying! These half-day trips allow you to see the city without breaking your class schedule, and are extremely affordable to boot!


iMandarin will set you up with accommodations according to your budget and requirements. There are three basic types of accommodation: a room in a shared apartment (iShare), a private studio apartment (iPrivate) and home stay (iHome).

Visa Assistance

While iMandarin is legally ineligible to provide visas to students directly, that doesn't stop us from doing everything in our power to make acquiring your visa as easy and streamlined as possible.

Airport Shuttle

We won't just pick you up at the airport- we will pick you up, take you to your accommodation, show you the locations of essential businesses, landmarks, and service centers in your area, get you registered at the police station, and escort you to class on your first day of school!

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